Thursday, February 25, 2010

A False Spring

This ain't just a sports blog! I'm a weather geek at heart too!

Remember how nice last weekend was? The sun and warm temperatures extended into this past Monday, teasing us with what could be a a preview of Spring. We quickly returned to that winter weather, rain and chilly temperatures on Tuesday. Just how much of a difference was Monday's temperature from Tuesday's? Take a look.

Plenty of double-digit differences in high temps in a 24 hour period! Newport went from a high of 63 degrees on Monday to only 48 on Tuesday! These drastic temp changes are unusual for this time of year, as we pretty much average about a 5 degree fluctuation at max in February.

What's in store for the Spring? We are possibly transitioning out of an El Nino phase, which has given us this mild winter (for the most part). What usually transpires with an El Nino Spring is that we see pretty normal spring-like conditions and then a wetter than normal Summer. Often times we see a number of strong thunderstorms as well.

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