Tuesday, May 18, 2010

See....I told ya!

This is pretty cool! My last post was all about the possibility of the Gulf oil spill being transported from the Gulf to the east coast via the Mexico Loop Current. Well...my thoughts are backed up by Jeff Masters, the Director of Meteorology for the ultimate weather-geek website, www.weatherunderground.com (I recommend this site, it is very good and has lots of cool features. Much better than Weather.com)

Here is the link to the Masters' blog...his graphics are better than mine, so no jokes.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oil Spill

If it is not one thing, it's something else that is causing issues in the Gulf of Mexico. It was hurricanes a few years ago (with a lack of federal response that worsened the situation). Now it's an oil spill caused from a exploded rig owned by British Petroleum. BP is working around clock to find answers as to why the rig caught on fire and why the fail-safe mechanism failed to operate in order to avoid the exact disaster we are in currently. Several attempts to cut the oil flow have failed. Is enough being done to stop this oil leak? Polls say Americans do not consider the BP oil spill President Obama's "Katrina" in the Gulf. And with BP working on solution after solution, it has not swayed Americans opinion on oil drilling off seas.

However, as the spill continues to leak oil for the third week at around 5,000 barrels a day, ramifications will extend outside the Gulf. Here is why: The Mexico Loop Current.

The Mexico Loop Current is the dominant flow of water that moves in a clockwise rotation. It also feeds water to the infamous Gulf Stream along the east coast. As the water in the Gulf moves in the anti-cyclonic (or clockwise) motion, it runs along the west coast of Florida, funneling down between the Florida panhandle and Cuba and finally sweeps into the Gulf Stream. With all the working motions of the Mexico Loop Current, coupled with the fact that the Loop Current is the fastest moving current in the Atlantic, it makes it a prime candidate to transport lets say, oil, to different locations. So with 5,000 barrels of oil being injected into the Gulf per day mixed with one of the fastest moving currents on earth...you can see where this is going. The East coast is not clear from repercussions of the Gulf oil spill. I overheard that if the spill moves up the Atlantic coast into regions of the Northeast, the people who live in the Hampton's will definitely take the action required to extinguish this environmental disaster.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hits and Misses

From time to time I have made some predictions in my posts. After a few months, I think it's time to review those statements:
Prediction #1: "Kurt (Warner) will stay retired, I am calling it."-- Well, so far so good on this call. Obviously not much time has passes but I am feeling good on this prediction. As far as Brett Favre goes, it was just announced that he would require surgery if he aims to play in 2010-11. Stay tuned on this one. I will refrain from making a call here, but I know what I would want him to do.

Prediction #2: " I'll go ahead and say it again: Tiger Woods will NOT win another major in his career."-- 1/1 so far on this front. I will admit, Tiger's Masters performance was much stronger than I thought. That good showing makes me nervous for future tournaments, however. Tiger also failed at this past weekend's tournament at Quail Hollow. By the way, I have a significant bet riding on the fact that Tiger won't win another Major in his career. Stay tuned.

Prediction #3: I wrote an entry on who was in the running to be Oregon's next basketball head coach. While I didn't make any predictions on who it would be, I focused in on 3 main targets: Tubby Smith, Dave Rose and Randy Bennett. NONE of which were hired and rumor as it that none of the three were even contacted by the University. I did not expect Dana Altman to be the next head coach. I had heard of his name before but never would have imagined that the search would wind up with him. All in all, I am pleased with the hire.

Prediction #4-12: NHL first-round predictions-- I could not have been more wrong with my East predictions and could not have been more spot-on in my west calls. Starting in the east: Washington, Buffalo and New Jersey KILLED me!!! All three favorites ran into hot goal tending and a more physical opponent which resulted in early exits for the top three teams during the regular season. Pittsburgh was the only top seed to advance and they saved me from the goose egg in the east. In the west, a totally different story. Everything happened as I saw it, including that wild and exciting Phoenix/Detroit series that was won on experience for sure. Many of my future predictions have been ruined by my failures in the first round, but this hasn't been a very good year for me making bracket calls anyways (you should have seen my March Madness bracket).

All in all, a decent start. I'll keep you updated should any of my predictions become fulfilled or ruined.