Friday, June 1, 2012

May Report....and More!

A lot to cover in this post. It has been a while since I've last posted, probably because this past month has been a busy one. Let's start with my May report card!

Remember that this month's challenge was to accurately forecast the LOW temperature for Portland. Low temperatures can be a challenge given cloud cover and nocturnal radiation or how the day's heat escapes the atmosphere. Anyways...on to the results! May was one of the best months so far. Both high temperatures and conditions were at a 94% mark! Each category had one miss out of 18 forecasting days. The May challenge of low temperature came in at 88%. A confession, I don't often pay too much attention to the low temperatures each day. I do not forecast low temperatures out any further than the next day. There is more emphasis on the daily high temperature than the low. That's why people watch, right? June will be the half-way point of the year and I am going to bring on a big challenge. I will aim to have Portland's most accurate morning forecast. Using the normal criteria, I will chart each station's morning forecast (high temperatures only) and at the end of the month, we will see who's on top! At the end, you can choose who you trust for your morning forecasts!

May wrapped up "meteorological" Spring. It's how us weather geeks break down March-April-May. The graphic below sums up what has been a soggy three months!
March contributed a majority of the Spring rainfall, setting a record of 7.89"! April received 3.25" and we just finished up May with 3.37". The interesting thing about May is that we tied an all-time May record with 15 straight dry days! Despite just over two weeks of dry weather, we still finished ABOVE average for May rainfall! If we didn't have that dry stretch, we may have cracked the top 5 wettest May's but we will just have to settle for above-average. But this was a different "Spring" than a year ago. Spring 2012 was a warmer spring than 2011. Last year, Portland's first 80 degree day was June 4th. This year, we only had to wait until April 22nd to get to 80 degrees and we've hit it a couple more times since then; 5 times to be exact. Weekends have been rather nice over the last two months as well. Between April and May, Portland had four completely dry weekends! But is was the last Saturday in May that gave Portland one of its wettest hours. On the 26th, 1.03" of rain fell in 60 minuets! That 1.03" grand total ties Portland's wettest hour and set a daily rainfall record for May 26th. Ahhhh, Spring!

Coming next week, I'll have Portland's Spring in pictures. Some awesome photos that you won't want to miss!

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